Need suggesion for personnel financial investment.

Hi pankaj,

My name is Aditya Prashar. My age is 30 years. I am a new user on your blog and i feel this very informative. I am also impressed with your way of presenting the thoughts in blog. I want your expert advice to invest my money. After house hold expenses i am left with Rs. 35000 per month. This amount i want to invest.

Pupose of investment:- * Save tax * List item * Wealth Creation and Pension

Please give me suggesion to create my financial portfolio. I do not want to invest in direct equity.


asked Jun 23 '11 at 14:20 by Aditya Prashar 1111

First of all, if you have not taken, buy following insurance policies:
Term insurance: Sum assured should be around 10 times your annual salary + any outstanding loan amount. Income tax exemption is also available on this.
Medical insurance: Get a family floater policy to cover all your family members. Even if your employer have provided this, get one at your own. Income tax exemption is also available on this.
Personal accident insurance
Critical illness insurance
Home insurance: To cover your home and appliances against fire, burglary or electrical breakdown.

Above insurance policies will make you and your family are safe against any kind of misshapen.

Now comes the investment part:
Your portfolio should be a mix of debt, liquid and equity based investments.

For long term good returns, invest into equity based diversified mutual funds.
Some of the best funds are given below:
Large Cap: DSPBR Top 100 equity, Franklin India Bluechip, IDFC Premier Equity, Reliance Regular Savings Equity.
Large and multi cap: Fidelity India Growth, ICICI Pru Dynamic, HDFC Top 200, Canara Robeco Equity Diversified, Franklin India prima plus, HDFC Equity, Templeton India Growth, HDFC Growth

For debt based investments, invest in Fixed maturity plan (FMP) mutual funds and some of the bond funds.

For safety reasons, a good amount also must be kept in liquid assets, which can be withdrawn at any time. Liquid mutual funds and Saving bank account are two such places. 2-3 lacs is a good amount to keep in it.

For pension, invest into PPF (public provident fund), NPS (new/national pension scheme) and EPF (employer provident fund).

For near future goals like Car, Home and family vacation related expenses, keep a good amount into Fixed maturity plan mutual funds and bank fixed deposits.

As you start getting older start reducing investments in equity and increase investments in debt based investments.

Out of the above investments, pension based investments will also help in tax savings.

answered Jun 23 '11 at 22:20 by Pankaj Batra 5.2k320


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