Temporary ECNR and how to remove it

hi Pankaj, i have a passport issued b4 2007 and when i was abt to leave for OMAN 4 years ago i was shown the door coz my passport had ecnr and i got shock of my life and it was so embarrassing to come from counter then i was told to do temporary thing. when enquirer ed abt my passport my mother in my absence gave it for renewal dunno what happened but ecnr page is there on the passport. so to remove this i applied for renewal( its in 2015) coz a year b4 we can do now.but when i gave it to agent he said it cannot be done coz in my 10th certificate the father name is not same as on passport. in 10th its yusuf raj and on passport its mohd yousuf raj. i cannot change in 10th cert coz it sud be done only within one year. now my question is (1) what do i do now to remove this page of ecnr and (2) i will be leaving within a month to saudi on a job visa.so where in hyderabad i can go for temporary thing. plz do reply ASAP coz this is giving me sleepless nights. thanking you

asked May 30 '14 at 17:14 by sssaaajjjiiiddd 111

You can also get ECNR status by submitting other documents also like ITR assessment copy, professional degree copy or passport copy in case you have been staying abroad for more than three years (the period of three years could be either in one stretch or broken). Check all eligibility documents list here: Documents Required for Non-ECR

In case nothing works, you can get emigration clearance from PoE office (address below) or apply online here: Online application for emigration clearance at PoE.
Protector of Emigrant office Hyderabad
8th Floor, Chandra Vihar Complex, Opp. Exhibition Ground,
M.J. Road, Hyderabad

answered Jun 01 '14 at 09:23 by Pankaj Batra 5.2k320


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