For Hong Kong Work Permit Visa: Passport spelling mismatch and ECR/ECNR.

Respected Sir, God bless u for ur kind service. Thanks. And Sorry for long query.

My Visa application is being processed for Hong Kong Work Permit from one of leading indian MNC in MUMBAI. My current residance is Mumbai. My passport is issued from BHOPAL(MP) in 2004. I have a spelling mismatch.On my passport it is TANVIR and also on 10th marksheet it is same. 10th onwards on all documents including employer record it is TANWEER. And it has ECR stamped.Now for name mismatch correction I can not apply Re-issue in tatkal, that i have already visited PSK. So as per name mismatch, Company is processing my visa with the name mentioned on passport and asked me to submit an affidavit of name change (that i got it). My first que is : IN THIS CASE WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF GETTING THE VISA??

Second thing Company also mentioned that my passport should have ECNR Clearance, that i was not aware firstly and I re-confirmed. So my second que is : IS IT MANDETORY TO HAVE ECNR CLEARANCE FOR HONG KONG WORK PERMIT?? AS EVERY WHERE I READ ECNR REQUIRED FOR LISTED 17 COUNTRIES.

Now for ECR deletion, I have to apply for Re-issue, but I am concerned that it may take longer as my passport issued long back (even if apply from bhopal), So my third que is : DO I NEED TO SUBMIT ONLY 10th MARKSHEET WITH PASSPORT (NO ADDRESS PROOF IF I APPLY FROM BHOPAL) AND CAN IT TAKE LONGER THAN 10-12 DAYS (That i dont want)??. Well I submitted documents with existing passport copy (but have not submitted ECR page copy as they dint ask me so). In this case EITHER they may ask me abt ECNR status and can tell without ECNR clearance they can not proceed, in that case I will have to go for ECNR deletion in tatkal Or they may drop me for deputation if it takes longer. But in case they proceed it with existing passport and I get WP visa, then i may need Emigration Clearance from PoE Office, so if i go to Mumbai PoE: DO THEY NEED LOCAL ADDRESS PROOF AND CAN MY SPELLING MISMATCH CREATE AN ISSUE??? Also want to mention, in online PoE application form, only 17 countries options are available!!


Please, Help me on this. Thanks u sir!!

asked Jul 05 '13 at 22:26 by smile_always 111

  1. Visa issuance for name as that on passport should not be an issue, I think.
  2. ECNR is not needed for Hong Kong. Its only checked while leaving India, so don't worry about what employer says. Nobody would bother about ECNR in Hong Kong.
  3. As passport was issued long back, police verfication would be done again and it may take extra time (30-40 days in normal, 15-20 days in Tatkal). 10th class certificate with passport should be enough to get passport reissued with ECNR status provided all other details are same.
  4. PoE application for emigration clearance would be rejected as ECNR is not need for Hong Kong.
  5. New passport always carry old passport number and file number. Visa on old passports remain valid if they have validity (date-wise and number of entry wise). You need to carry all passports together always.

I hope it helps!

answered Jul 06 '13 at 03:21 by Pankaj Batra 5.2k320


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