Pan card number wrongly entered in Form 16 and my payslips from past 2 years

Pan card number wrongly entered in Form 16 and my payslips from past 2 years. how to resolve this issue. Note: I filled ITRV with correct PAN for first year.

Please help me or suggest me for this issue. ( I am worried little bit)

Regards Sandeep

asked Jun 17 '13 at 07:31 by Sandeep_k 1111

First, you should request employer to correct form-16 and if possible get TDS submission record corrected (visible in form 26AS).

If its not possible, get a letter issued by employer for this mistake and submit a written request for PAN correction to your assessing officer.

answered Jun 29 '13 at 15:51 by Pankaj Batra 5.2k320

Hi, I have similar issue where the Form 16 has wrong PAN number and hence the Form 26AS is blank since I am filing return for the first time. I have informed my employer about the issue and they said it will take at least 3 months to correct all the entries and then only you can see correct entries in the Form 26AS online. I have few questions: If I file my ITR now with the correct PAN number will it be considered and mapped with corrected PAN when my employer will update the Tax Department? If not then Filing ITR now will definitely result in a notice from tax department saying pay the remaining tax. Can I somehow contact Tax department and send updated form 16 with correct PAN number? Or shall I file a zero ITR right now to avoid getting notice from Tax department and update ITR after 3 months when my employer will update the PAN number and inform Tax Department? This method is little unethical way but ultimately I am not avoiding anything in this. Will that work? I am confused. Please help.
(Jul 20 '14 at 02:45) Tazz
You should file ITR with correct PAN. Most probably, Income tax return would not be processed before 3-4 months atleast. So by that time, correction in form 26AS would happen. Even if you get notice, you can get demand cleared by showing a revised form16 copy which mentions correct PAN.
(Jul 20 '14 at 22:37) Pankaj Batra

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