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I visited first time- https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in, after registration I saw the outstanding tax demand for AY2009-10, AY2010-11 and AY2011-12. I was working outside India at that time, and dont have e any Form 16, I had to pay tax becuase i could not complete the magic 183 days in those years. I never received any intimation u/s 143(1) from CPC/income tax dept. Further I tried to regenerate these tax demand notice from the website, but unsuccessful, it says no intimation found for those years. I downloaded form 26 AS also, but there is no remark in part A B C, hope there s no error in filling ITR. There is no TDS, no income from any employer in India. so I can not understand why these demands genereted by CPC. I am confused what to do now? Can you please suggest?

asked Mar 30 '13 at 10:33 by ramson gupta 1223

You should visit income tax office, meet your assessing officer and get this issue resolved by submitting a written complaint alongwith proofs attached.

answered Apr 04 '13 at 01:47 by Pankaj Batra 5.2k320

Thanks Pankaj,will do the same
(Apr 04 '13 at 08:44) ramson gupta
Hi, I have an outstanding tax demand for the Assessment year 2010- 2011. I just saw it online. However, I have received no intimation for the same. When I checked the TDS and the Form 16 , I realized that for one month in 2010 the status is U - unmatched as the year in TDS in incorrectly written as 2011. This mistake had been done by the company I was working with that time. When I tried to generate an intimation notice from the Income Tax site, it says no intimation for the given assessment year. Please advise what should be done.
(Apr 10 '13 at 01:55) monb2012
One of my clients who was working in NTPC had also faced the same problem... In such a case, it is advisable that you contact the Accounts Deptt of your previous employer and tell them to give in writing that this mistake has happened... And if it has been wrongly mentioned as 2011 instead of 2010, the tax payable by you in 2011 would be more than as justified and there would be a refund order in 2011. So contact the income tax department and tell them all these facts... They will get this corrected... They will either adjust the amount payable by you with the Refund due to you or they will request you to pay the amount due and will issue the refund separately...
(Apr 10 '13 at 09:33) CA Karan Batra

Visit your Income Tax Officer and he will get it corrected...

Such issues arise sometimes arise due to system errors.. but you dont have to worry... take a copy of all your proofs and give them an application for the same..

Do ensure to copy these photocopies in duplicate so that you can get a receiving for the same... In case any junior official asks for any bribe, dont pay them as they may try to extract money form you... If you have genuinely paid your taxes, directly go and meet the income tax officer..

Moreover, Income Tax Officers usually reach office so its advisable that you dont reach there early morning..

answered Apr 08 '13 at 20:15 by CA Karan Batra 53216

I am facing the similar problem. Never received any intimation. Outstanding tax demand shows up on their website incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in. I went to the Income tax office with a printout of the page which shows the tax demand. ITOfficer asked me to talk to his clerk. He gave me a copy of the intimation. There was a mismatch in the tax submitted by the company and the form 16. Form 26As also showed less tax than form 16. I reported to my Employer, they filed a revised return. Form 26AS got updated in 10 days. But the OutStanding Tax demand still existed on the IT website. I contact the ITax clerk again. He asked me to submit the copy of i) for 26As ii) return ack iii) copy of intimation Submitted these docs on their front desk on May 3.2012 & waiting for updation on website now.
(May 07 '13 at 19:11) Vineet Mittal
I also took a photo-copy of the reply letter which I wrote as a request to correct the outstanding tax demand. The font desk guy was honest enough to ask for a copy of the letter and gave an acknowledgement of the receipt.
(May 07 '13 at 19:14) Vineet Mittal
I also had the same issue. I submitted documents in March into IT office and now in May only, I could see demand being cleared in online login. So you will have to wait and watch.
(May 08 '13 at 01:12) Pankaj Batra
OK sir ji. I can wait and contact clerk any time . waise bhi mere to shoes ghis chuke hai Income tax dept ke chakkar kaat kaat ke.. (Lunch ke baad wahi pe ghumne jaate hai :) )
(May 08 '13 at 11:51) Vineet Mittal
If you are going there everyday, you can go to them and ask about case every 2-3 days.
(May 09 '13 at 00:09) Pankaj Batra

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