Portfolio for child education


I have following portfolio for my child education and my retirement as am 29 year old, please let me know you thoughts over my portfolio:

PPF (8000 PM) RD (6000PM) FD (75K) Gold ETF (3000 PM) Stocks (30K, HDFCBANK, IDFC, HINDPETRO) Mututal Funds (6K PM, HDFC Top 200, Canara Robecco Tax saving, UTI Opportunity, DSP BR TOp 100, IDFC PE) LICs (4 LIC policy of premium of 32K PA) Term Insurance (HDFC click2protect of 1CR)

asked Sep 13 '12 at 00:49 by amyags 31237

You are investing around 23,000 per month into different products. But debt and gold portion in that is higher that it should be at your age.

At your age you should atleast invest 70% into equities, 20% into debt and maximum 10% into gold products.

I would advise you to increase investments in equity mutual funds. May be you can add ETFs into portfolio. You may ETF from following: Goldman Sachs Nifty BeES, Kotak Nifty ETF, Kotak Sensex Exchange Traded Fund and Goldman Sachs Nifty Junior BeES.

Your existing mutual fund selection is good. It has mix of large, mid and small cap funds.

I am not sure why tax saving investments are more than 1 lakh (PPF+Tax saving mutual funds+LIC insurances+HDFC Term insurance).

I would advise you to stop investing into LIC insurance policies for investment needs. They are neither good for investment nor insurance. If you can exit these policies do it asap. Also you can reduce PPF investment and tax saving mutual funds to make total figure 1 lakh as there is no advantage of investing into tax saving schemes if purpose is not tax saving.

I also don't see any advantage of recurring deposit investment. You may stop investing in it and instead move to equities.

You inevstments should look like this:
PPF = 5000 per month
Equity mutual funds/ETF = 15000 per month
Gold mutual funds/ETF = 3000 per month

Also, If not taken I would advise you to buy Medical Insurance for whole family, Home and contents Insurance and Personal Accident insurance.

You should also create a corpus of 3-4 lakh as emergency fund. It can be kept in liquid/short term debt mutual funds or fixed deposits. Idea is money should not be locked and can be withdrawn anytime if required.

You should also consider your short term goals like vacation abroad, car buying etc in mind. You can invest more into liquid funds/fixed deposit keeping in view your requirements in next 2-3 years.

I would also advise you to go through an existing question page: Financial Planning/review of profile

answered Sep 13 '12 at 09:01 by Pankaj Batra 5.2k320


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