HRA exemption during IT Return


I got Form-16 without HRA exempted. But in Form-16 its clearly mentioned my HRA Component.

Can i claim the HRA Exemption myself during IT Returns using the HRA exemption calculator.

Thanks and Regards, Kumar Shanmugam.

asked Jul 20 '12 at 02:05 by KumarShan 1111

As such there is no field in income tax return form for HRA exemption. It should have been done with employer only.

Only option left now is to reduce taxable income by that exemption amount and file returns. But as entries in form-16 and that in ITR would mismatch, IT department may send notice to explain the difference and reason why HRA was not exempted by employer.

answered Jul 20 '12 at 09:38 by Pankaj Batra 5.2k320

Hi Pankaj, I also changed jobs in between, and the first company didn't give HRA exemption as i couldnt submit rent receipts to them when i left. The new company wont consider these for the previous months. Same thing happened with part of 15,000 medical reimbursement exemption also. Now i have reduced taxable income by both these amounts and filed returns. Do IT folks just send notice to explain the difference or they raise it as Notice? Will they do some basic checks on their side if the exemption is reasonable or not or just send these notices for all mismatch returns? Thanks
(Jul 22 '12 at 01:44) Phani R
IT department would send a tax demand notice in case there is extra tax payable. If there is a refund payable, they may not pay and send assessment letter with their version of computation.
(Jul 23 '12 at 16:16) Pankaj Batra

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