Suggestion required on best performing Mutual funds across different fund class

Hi SocialFinance Team,

I am planning to invest in following mutual funds in SIP over mentioned time period. For 5-10 Years 1. Fidelity Equity Fund (G) 2. Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver (G) 3. UTI Dividend Yield Fund(G) or ING Dividend Yield Fund For max 5 Years 1. SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses Fund (G)

Please suggest if above funds are better compared to peers in respective fund class if invested over mentioned time period. I am confused to choose between UTI and ING(3rd) as UTI has performed well during 2008 slowdown whereas AIG is performing marginally well currently.Please suggest which fund to choose Also, as I am investing for first time I have decided to invest through Karvy finapolis.Please let me know if any type of charges are applicable(apart from entry load-as it is zero now).

Thank you

asked Mar 03 '12 at 23:52 by Nagendra 1111

Hi Nagendra,

First while selecting the mutual funds diversification is the term many people will be using..
Diversification means selecting the mutual funds in different categories based on your age, goal and risk taking capacity.

  1. Large cap 2. Large and mid cap 3. Mid and small cap 4. Small cap 5. Multi cap(which will have all the four)

I have written in the order of less risk to highly risk. Large cap is less risky.

U can logon to the and pick out the top rated funds(four star or five star) which has delivered good returns over different period of time (see a large time frame) based on your risk apetitte.

Comparision of Mutual fund performance On selection compare them in this link.

Tax saver in the protfolio:

Pls avoid this CANARA ROBECCO TAX SAVER fund. this fund are exclusively meant for tax saving purpose under section 80 C. this 80 C deduction will be applicable till this year march only. Future investments on this fund u can take a call after seeing the DTC.

Important point to note; There are some mutual funds which have delivered highest returns in the past one yr. (SBI magnum). this one contains high risk when there is a down side market as it is investing in the small cap companies. so Access ur risk apettite and then start investment.

Confusion over UTI AND ING

UTI DIVIDEND yield belongs to large and mid cap , ING DIVIDEND yield belongs to Mid cap and small cap.Both are five star rated fund by valueresearch. Based on ur risk profile u decide how much percent u want to invest in the different caps of the market as explained in the first line.

Balanced fund

this is a must one for all the portfolio.exposure.You will have both equity and debt Advantages of Balanced fund, Based on the market condition automatically asset allocation between equity and debt changes . this makes them to protect us from goi downside when market is dwn.

Hdfc prudence is worth selection.

Investing thru online platform

As you are new investor I am kindly asking you to read some of the post written by pankaj which will helo you to gain good knowledge.
this is the website of the owner of this forum.

Dont invest thru karvy as they will levy unnecessary charges.Dont go beyond 4 or five mutual funds and spread it across different AMC

I hope I have given you clear direction to your queries. Pls feel free to ask if you have any more.

Do the research and come back post the selection and get it corrected.

Happy investing!!!!


answered Mar 06 '12 at 22:42 by vignesh 94671423


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