Meal Coupons-Sodexo & Ticket Restaurant

Dear Mr Pankaj, I get Ticket Restaurant Meal Coupons of Rs 1100/- every month. But, now since most of the retail shops (big bazaar, spencers, etc) are not accepting these coupons, my company has given option of taking this value as part of salary. My company, has informed us that if we choose to take cash instead of Meal coupons, the amount will be taxable. I come under 20% tax slab, so if I choose cash, I will have to pay tax of about Rs 200/- every month or Rs 2460/- annually. I will not be able to use these meal coupons as these are usable only in company canteen/cafetria, and some restaurants, like Domino's. Kindly suggest if I can minimize this loss, or I should continue taking these coupons, as usual.

Thanks, Arun

asked Jan 09 '12 at 22:58 by Arun 1578

Due to high commission structure, most of the retail outlets have stopped accepting sodexo or ticket voucher.

If they are not being accepted, then there is no point taking these coupon instead of cash in hand. If you are unable to use these, then its waste of whole 1100 per month, whereas in case you get it as part of monthly salary, you loose only around Rs 226 because of income tax.

Even if these vouchers are accepted, still they are not much better than cash in hand. Having coupons in our hand, we have tendency to buy unnecessary items from big retail houses, which we won't buy otherwise.

answered Jan 10 '12 at 19:25 by Pankaj Batra 5.2k320

Good Question and answer given by Author. I had similar doubt and thought the same as given answer. There is no point in just taking Coupons and spending on unnecessary items to just save the tax. Thanks, Manish Nashikkar
(Jun 03 '14 at 12:34) Manish Nashikkar

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