I am born on 17.6.1978. I am a Hindu Brahmin.I am working as assistant teacher in rayagada project upper primary school under Rayagada block of Rayagada district and the school is under school and mass education department of Orissa govt. I draw salary after it is deposited through B.D.O.,Rayagada. My SCALE OF PAY is Rupees 5200 to 20200. I served as SIKHYA SAHAYAK from date 16.10.2001 to 31.03.2008. And serving as regular teacher from date 01.04.2008. I have only mobile number but no landline number.I want to invest in the best scheme of ICICI PENSION FUND MANAGER(PFM). 1.What will I write in the columns of conditions rendering nomination invalid(1st,2nd and 3rd nominee) in the APPLICATION FOR ALLOTMENT OF PRAN? 2.what will I write in Columns for Subscribers Scheme Details(1st,2nd,3rd Scheme;Pension Fund Managers Name/Code,Scheme ID no./name,percentage share in the APPLICATION FOR ALLOTMENT OF PRAN? 3-what will I write in the spaces for following columns in the FORM FOR FOR EXERCISING OF OPTION AS PER NEW RESTRUCTURED DEFINED PENSION SCHEME a-designation b-class/grade c-cadre d-office/department/institution where he/she is serving e-date of entry into govt. service f-date of retirement on attaining age of superannuation g-religion & community h-scale of pay i-present basic pay j-telephone number k-detailed of the establishment from which he/she is drawing salaries l-name of the scheme/investment plan of the fund manager in which the subscriber opts. to invest. what will be written in the column of relationship with govt. servant in the FORMAT IN WHICH INFORMATION IS REQUIRED TO BE SENT BY DRAWING & DISCUSSING OFFICER TO THE ACCOUNTS OFFICER FUND MANAGEMENT OFFICE OF THE A.G.(A&E),ORISSA/CONTROLLER OF ACCOUNTS ORISSA

asked Dec 14 '11 at 17:35 by TULU 1111314

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Asked: Dec 14 '11 at 17:35

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