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Hi , Could you please review my MF port folio , is this okay ? ICICI Focused Bluchip(Largecap) HDFC TOP200 (Large & midcap) HDFC Equity(multicap) IDFC premier Equity(midcap & small cap) ELSS- Hdfc tax saver D Icici tax saver D Canara rebecco tax saver D Reliance Gold ETF could you please also tell me do i invest through demat or directly through AMC.any charges will be applied for transaction of Mutual fund SIP through Demat accout/Trading account . planning to take HDFC security trading/demat accoout .i have already saving a/c with i first purchase mutual fund direct then need to convert into demat or should purchase directly through demat.

asked Nov 13 '11 at 00:56 by brijesh 1111

All funds selected by you are one of the best in their respective categories. You may go ahead with them.

There is no need to open a Demat account for buying mutual funds. Why you should pay 400-500 per year to maintain demat account, if you only need to trade in mutual funds. You may invest directly through AMC, or investment account (opened with savings bank account), or through nearby agent, or through online mutual fund trading websites like FundsIndia, FundSupermart and Moneysights.

There may be some charge levied by agent, demat account or bank as service fees. But if you go directly with AMC, there is no extra charge applied.

I won't suggest you to open an demat account with HDFC. My personal experience with their demat account and online trading website is pathetic.

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answered Nov 13 '11 at 14:48 by Pankaj Batra 5.2k320


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