1.Suppose A is born at B,residing at C for 20 years,working as teacher for 9 plus years from a distance of 3 kilometers from C.Can A mention the address of B in both the present and permanent address fields of application for allotment of pran? 2.Does taluka stand for tehsil in the PRAN application? 3.Which bank account details will one provide having a SBI and IOB savings account number in application for allotment of PRAN? 4.Can one mention 90%,5%,5% share for 3nominees respectively in the mentioned application? 5.What will be written in the fields of conditions rendering invalid for nomination invalid IN SECTION C in PRAN allotment application? 6. Will one mention only 1 PFM in the application for allotment of PRAN? 7.How much share percentage he will he mention if he opts for ICICI PFM with TIER I E option,SBI PFM with tier I G option and IDFC PFM with tier I C option in the PRAN application if a state govt. primary school teacher is born on 17.6.1978? 8.HOW Will a state govt. primary school teacher BORN ON 17.6.1978 MENTION A SCHEME OF ICICI PFM in the SECTION D OF application for allotment of PRAN?

asked Oct 01 '11 at 16:05 by TULU 1111314

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(Oct 02 '11 at 12:36) Pankaj Batra

  1. You should write whatever is your permanent and present correspondence address. You can write any addrress whatever you want, you should be having address proof for same and should be able to receive communication on these addresses.
  2. Taluka is tehsil.
  3. You can provide any bank account details, whichever you want. There is no restriction on this.
  4. Yes, you can mention 90,5,5% share in nominees. I am not able to find any column for mentioning conditions for nominees. So not sure about your question.
  5. Only one PFM can be selected in an application.

answered Oct 02 '11 at 14:23 by Pankaj Batra 5.2k320


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