Need Advice - My Previous Company has not considered my HRA Exemption in Form 16


I have worked for 3 companies in financial year Apr'2010 - Mar'2011. Ist Company - 1st Apr'2010 - 4th June'2010 IInd Company - 16th June'2010 - 26th Nov'2010 IIIrd Company - 29th Nov'2010 - Till Date

Now, I have 3 Form 16 from my all companies. The Question is, Ist & IInd company has not considered HRA exemption in FORM 16 and total salary is put under Income Head.

My IIIrd company has considered HRA exemption but that is from 29th Nov'2010 to 31st Mar'2011. Now, when I am calculating my Income to submit ITR, as per form 16, it is coming to pay an additional 12000+ INR as Income Tax. That is due to the HRA not considered by previous 2 companies.

If they have considered, Additional tax is coming to only 1200.

Please suggest, Is there an option in filling ITR, where I can still take an HRA Exemption. I have my all Pay Slips for that period and also Rent Agreements and Rent Receipts. Also, the Final Settlement letter given by the company.

Please reply to [email protected]

Thanks & Regards

Pawan Deep Singh

asked Aug 27 '11 at 16:02 by pawandeep 1111

In income tax return form, there is no space to mention HRA exemption so it cannot be done while filing income tax return.

As HRA is employer provided benefit, rent receipts has to be provided to employer, failing to which employer will make house rent allowance as taxable.

As your form-16 already made HRA taxable, generally you won't be able to claim it as non-taxable.

answered Aug 29 '11 at 14:26 by Pankaj Batra 5.2k320


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