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hi, im repeating my question with additional details reqiured. im a salaried employee working in a private company... my pay is Rs 20000 + Rs 3000 HRA Per Month and there is no other benefit from the company not even PF. i have joined the company just 3 months ago (03-12-2010) and my previous company salary was Rs 17000 PM where i worked as a contract employee without any pay leave and i have been deducted Rs. 545 for every one day leave a month. ive enclosed my salary details .kindly let me know if im taxable, if so,how much tax i should pay and wat are the means (investments) to get exempted from tax with future prospects.

april 2010 Rs. 16850 may 2010 Rs. 16850 june 2010 Rs. 16850 july 2010 Rs. 16850 aug 2010 Rs. 16850 sep 2010 Rs. 15221 oct 2010 Rs. 15221 nov 2010 Rs. 08145 dec 2010 Rs. 18530 jan 2011 Rs. 22530 feb 2011 Rs. 22530 mar 2011 Rs. 22530

asked Feb 17 '11 at 00:28 by cholan 1222

Its not yet clear from the data you have provided. You are saying your monthly salary is now 20000+3000 HRA, but then why you are getting 22530 monthly. Where is the remaining 470 Rs. Similarly, with earlier employer, what was the deduction (You got only 16850 out of 17000 and later 15221 only)
(Feb 17 '11 at 06:17) Pankaj Batra

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