Dear Sir, In my organisation LTA is applicable and for my wife LTC is applicable. Till now I haven't claimed LTA in the year 2010 and for first time during her service my wife availed the facility of LTC. Her employer is asking for a cerificate from my organisation that I have not claimed LTC / LTA in order to avoid double claims. LTA is part of my CTC where as LTC is a extended privilage for her . Please advise can she claim the same and what declaration I should ask from my organisation.Also please mention the block calender years presently being considered .

asked Jan 27 '11 at 02:48 by Sanjeev 1111

Leave Travel Allowance is a part of Cost to Company(CTC). Even if one don't claim will get this amount after tax deduction. Most of the private organizations offer LTA. Whereas LTC is over and above CTC. If one travels, he/she will get payment for the same amount. If one does not travel, he/she gets nothing. LTC is generally provided in Govt and public sector organizations.

She can claim for the travel done with family members. As per tax rules, you both cannot claim exemption for same travel, thats why Your wife's employer is right is asking certificate from your employer.

Ask your employer to provide a certificate saying that you have not claimed the same travel (mentioning date and place of travel) for LTA.

As of now block 2010-2013 is in effect.

answered Jan 27 '11 at 12:39 by pankaj 5.2k320


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