Can i make online contribution of my NPS account using SBI Netbanking

I am working in private organisation. I have opened NPS Tier 1 & Tier 2 account with Kotak Bank. I have net banking with SBI. I would like to know can i make contribution to NPS account online using SBI Netbanking ?

asked Mar 12 '13 at 14:50 by shantanu 1112

You can also make contributions through NPS login (Online).
(Jul 09 '16 at 11:53) SAI

Yes, you can make contributions to your NPS account from SBI netbanking. You just need to provide PRAN number for same.

Like you, I also have NPS account opened with Kotak Mahindra Bank and contribute online using my online SBI account.

answered Mar 13 '13 at 11:51 by pankaj 5.2k320

Thanks.. I have added correct NPS account details in SBI Online - NPS section. And made small contribution to Tier 1 account on friday evening (8th Mar 2013) just to check the online contribution feature. Till yesterday (Tuesday), it was not getting reflected in my NPS account statement. From SBI netbanking - NPS section, i have taken receipt number of the contribution & checked on the NPS CRA site & dere also showing no records found.. So just wanted to know, generally how much time it takes to get reflected ? does SBI online NPS transfer really works ?
(Mar 13 '13 at 12:04) shantanu
Yes, it works. I have done it myself atleast 3-4 times. It generally takes 4-5 working days in transfer. SBI's Receipt number etc does not work on CRA website. Check your CRA login after Thursday/Friday.
(Mar 13 '13 at 12:08) pankaj
Thank you Pankaj.
(Sep 19 '13 at 09:12) my_nanba
I would like to update some information regarding contributions to NPS As a POP-SP, SBI is not following the SOP for POP-SP with regards to uploading of subscriber transactions. As a result, their receipt numbers cannot be tracked in CRA website. I am not sure whether SBI is following a Centralised system or each branch is handling their NPS transaction separately. My experience shows that either my local SBI branch is not uploading receipt numbers or if it is in a centralized system, entire NPS transactions in all SBI branches cannot be tracked. I tried to convince the SBI people but failed. Many of them are not interested in NPS related matters. Contributions made through onlinesbi is also not trackable. These transactions are processed by SBI Fort Mumbai branch. They are also not uploading receipt numbers. There was no reply for mails sent to them. I tried Indiapost for subscription. This was an OTC transaction, not online. I was unable to track the receipt number for two days. They follow a centralised system where Mysore Data Centre of India Post process these transactions. When I informed them about the tracking along with a screenshot , after two days they sent me a screenshot showing that it is actually trackable and with an arrogant reply that they should not be contacted for such matters. I am sure that they uploaded receipt numbers after getting my mail. CAMS is having a semi-online system for NPS contribution. One has to transfer money to CAMS NPS fund A/c and send an e-mail to CAMS mentioning PRAN, Amount, Tier and Bank transfer ref. no. They process the contribution on same day and sends the receipt. I found that their receipt numbers can be tracked in CRA website. I have checked this.
(Sep 24 '13 at 07:46) Hari P G
@Hari P G Thanks for the update, sir. I hope it would help other readers as well.
(Sep 24 '13 at 16:47) pankaj
which sbi branch opend nps account .
(Jan 21 '14 at 20:03) Vishwa Rai
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Hi Hari,

I have made contribution through SBI Online NPS tab on 9th May and today is 16th May but still effect is not reflecting in my NPS account.

Last week on 12th i approached to SBI Branch also but no response and they told me to log complaint on toll free nos.of SBI Helpline.

Can you please guide how to get it resolved?

Regards, Hardik Kavaiya

answered May 16 '16 at 08:57 by HARDIK KAVAIYA 1


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