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Dear Pankaj,

Very happy to see spontaneous reply from you for all questions. Request a help from you. I have got a job in Bahrain & in my passport ‘Emigration Status’ page has a ‘Deleted’ stamp on it & the next page has the same words (‘Deleted’ page wordings) stamped & signed by Regional Passport Officer. Have attached an image for your reference.( alt text

Please let me know if I will have to get an ECNR. If yes,

1) Do I have to get it from the Passport office (Chennai) 2) Will I be able to get it on the same day. 3) I don’t have any residence proof currently, as I had just recently shifted to Coimbatore. Is it possible to get it done in person & take back the passport in person.

Request your help on the same.

Thanks, Rakesh

asked Oct 02 '11 at 21:57 by Itzmee 1112

As you are going to Bahrain for job, you would need an ECNR stamp before leaving India.

There have been some changes in process and now-a-days renewed passport is being issued rather than ECNR stamping on old passport. I would advice you to visit local passport office and inquire about same.

If older process of ECNR is followed, you would need residential proof (should be of a city which comes under passport office you are visiting) and ECNR eligibility proof.

answered Oct 03 '11 at 23:38 by pankaj 5.2k320


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